Visa Information

Travellers from some countries will need to obtain a visa before they will be able to enter The Netherlands. It may be necessary for you to obtain a letter from the conference organizers stating that you will be attending the WebSci’18 conference. If so, start the process early; you can send a request-for-a-visa/invitation letter to Closed. Invitation letters can only be provided by the conference organizers if you have a paid registration to the conference.  The process for requesting a visa letter is as follows:

1. Register for the conference.

2. Send us your request for a visa letter via email ( Closed. Please include the following information:

  • Name (as it appears on your passport) and mailing address;
  • Email address  where invitation letter can be sent;
  • Your WebSci18 registration number;
  • If you are presenting: title of the paper or session you will be presenting.